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5 Best Free Logo Maker Software Solutions to Use in Canada

Which free logo maker software is free and easy to use? Here are 5 best logo makers to consider for designing your logo in Canada!

So, you have a great idea for your new logo and you want to design the logo yourself by taking advantage of the free logo maker software solutions?

If you have reached to professional logo designers or agencies you have probably realized that hiring a designer or an agency is way too expensive for you.

Hiring an expensive logo designer is really not necessary when you can design your own unique logo by using some of the logo generators online.

Regardless of where you are from, USA or Canada, we’ve put together a list of best free logo maker software solutions you can definitely consider.

You probably have many questions – Where to start? Which logo maker is easy to use? Which logo maker offers free logo download? You have nothing to worry about, as we’ve got you covered!

With these 5 following logo makers, you can create your own great logo for less than 5 minutes:

1. Adobe Spark Free Logo Maker – By using this tool, you can easily create your own new logo. They have an amazing feature that can help you by suggesting you some great logo styles. You just have to add your business name and spin the wheel. Choose the style you like and customize it according to your needs. You can adjust the color, the shape, and the font and download the custom logo.

2. Shopify Free Logo Generator – This free logo maker can offer you so many different icons, fonts, and frames to choose from. All you have to do is add your business name, select the font and the icon you want. Adjust the typeface, the size, color, and add the perfect frame. Make sure to find a great combination that will represent your brand.

3. Canva Free Online Logo Maker – Another widely popular tool you could use to design your own logo. The best thing about this tool is that it allows anyone, regardless of their design background and experience create their own visual branding. Canva can also offer you a great selection of professionally-designed templates. If you want to design a logo, you need to choose the style you like and change the name. If you want, you can upload your own graphics or choose one of the free elements Canva offers.

4. Wix Online Logo Maker – This is probably one of the easiest logo maker generator on the market. You need to swipe right or left to choose the logo you want. By liking or disliking different logo designs, Wix will suggest some of the logo concepts based on what you have liked and disliked. It is really simple and fun. If you don’t like the end logo, you can repeat the process again, until you are completely satisfied with the new logo.

5. Squarespace Business Logo Maker – By using this tool, you can check instant creation on apps such as websites, business cards, t-shirts, and etc. You have to choose the typeface and the symbol you want. The simplicity of Squarespace logo maker makes it super easy for you to use as you can design the logo of your dreams in just a few seconds. Once you are satisfied with the end design, you can save the logo and use it instantly.

Regardless of the logo maker generator, you’ll choose, when designing your new logo, you should keep 5 logo design principles in mind – keep it simple, make it memorable, timeless, ensure the logo works across different media, and it is appropriate for your business.